Women's Rights Movement in Iran

One Million Signatures Campaign 

The Iranian women's rights movement is the most vibrant social movement in Iran today. Having built an extensive grassroots base, Iranian women are campaigning to fight legal gender discrimination.  The government routinely persecutes and prosecutes women's rights activists.

Iranian women's rights activists have been highlighting gender discrimination in Iranian laws for many years. These laws treat women as second-class citizens and are in violation of international standards for gender equality.

On August 27, 2006, women's rights activists launched the One Million Signatures Campaign  with the aim of revising and reforming Iranian laws with regard to gender-based discrimination. The goal of the campaigners is to educate Iranian citizens about the effects of discriminatory laws and to collect one million signatures in support of their petition to the Parliament.

The campaigners have developed a strategy of one-on-one discussions with ordinary citizens in public places. During these encounters, campaigners distribute a pamphlet titled "The Effect of Laws on Women's Lives" and engage citizens on its content, asking them to endorse the Campaign's petition by adding their signature.

The One Million Signatures Campaign has trained nearly one thousand individuals throughout the country who are actively collecting signatures. Also, during each encounter, campaigners provide citizens with a copy of their literature and a signature sheet, empowering those individuals to campaign on their own within their family and friends circles.

The government has routinely detained and prosecuted campaigners. More than 43 campaigners have been the target of detentions, summons, and prosecution.

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